Bringing Somerset Together

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Thousands of people in Somerset are struggling to obtain basic supplies and groceries. Whilst the government makes its plans, our friends and neighbours are suffering from the uncertainty of being jobless, unable to pay their bills and without any assistance to obtain even the most basic supplies for their survival. This is further compounded by panic buying that has left shelves bare in our supermarkets and some of us to go without.

Somerset is the cradle of food production for the entire country and we believe that by banding together, we can help those families worst affected to survive during these extremely difficult times.

So, we are gathering together local producers and suppliers to create a website where you can source essential goods throughout the county. But we need your help to make the biggest impact!


If you are a local producer/supplier that would like to take part and list your goods/services on our site for free, please contact Sarah on 07793 457718 or email There is no cost to participate.